10 secrets for visiting Barcelona on a budget


While many people may find Barcelona to be expensive, there are plenty of tips they can follow to enjoy a trip to the city on a budget!

Traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive, as many people might think or believe. In some cases, one can choose to travel on a budget while still enjoying their trip. This, of course, applies to cities. However, one must do extensive research before traveling to understand the target destinations, things to do, what to buy, how to save on cost, and many other factors that affect the budget.

Barcelona is one of the most developed and attractive regions in Spain. It is a city that receives many tourists every year, due to the number of attractions there. Being a major European city, the cost of things can be high, however, by following the tips below, one can visit Barcelona on a budget.

ten Flight on a budget

This is the very first step to visit Barcelona on a small budget. Flights are one of the main things that increase the cost of travel to an area. Looking for low-cost airlines can significantly reduce travel costs. Although it depends on where a person is from, it is possible to cut costs. When looking for affordable airlines, you should also consider downsizing your luggage to get the best deals. Some low cost airlines to check include Easyjet, Ryanair and Vueling in Europe.

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9 Choose the right season

Like many popular travel destinations around the world, there is always the best time of year to travel, and for Barcelona this time is during the summer from July to August, the place is crowded, and due demand, the cost of things increases. The climate is also at its best during this time. However, one can decide to travel during the off-peak season and save a lot of costs. Indeed, during this period, the cost of food, hotels, transport and many other services is low. However, a traveler choosing to visit during the off season, which is winter, will have to deal with the cold. That is to say from April to May and from September to October.

8 Hostels will cut costs

Just because you’re going to a big city like Barcelona doesn’t mean you have to stay in big, expensive hotels. All one needs is to make sure they stay in a safe and decent place. Hostels offer the best option for this. Hostels are really affordable, they offer extra services like kitchen, breakfast or sometimes even dinner for free. Costs can be reduced by more than 50% by using hostels. Popular hostels in Barcelona include; one sants hostel and jam hostel barcelona.

7 Use public transport

Barcelona is a city with a good public transport system that can help a tourist cut costs and stick to their budget. Using Uber or taxis can be expensive, but using buses or trains is the best way to cut costs around Barcelona. As there are cheap buses in the city, this is the best way to get around. Since the city has many train stations connected to different parts, it is easy to get around and spend very little on transportation. However, one secret is that you have to find accommodation near these systems to make it easier to connect.

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6 Do not rent a car

Some tourists may consider renting a car and think it’s the best option, but that’s not in Barcelona. The city being huge, it follows that there are many people moving around. Driving in the city not only makes it difficult to maneuver in traffic, but also becomes expensive. It also deprives a tourist of a chance to explore hidden places. Using a car is also a parking challenge. Finding a parking space can be a challenge in Barcelona, ​​especially for a visitor. Therefore, using public transport is the recommended method.

5 Plan and choose free destinations

When visiting Barcelona there is no need to pay for each place visited. Therefore, it is crucial to research and find which destinations and attractions are free to visit. these are places that do not require entrance fees or the fees are very low. Landmarks are the best places to check. Other areas to visit are discounted or free museums. In Barcelona, ​​there are many museums and monuments that are free to visit, which will always reduce the cost of travel. One such place to visit is the Museu Picasso.

4 Places to Visit on a Budget

Knowing the best places to visit in Barcelona is the best thing a traveler can do. There are several places that provide the best experience. They include the Olympic Park, Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona Magic Fountain and exploring street art. These places are the most visited in the city and offer a variety of tourist things to enjoy. By visiting the streets of art, one has the chance to discover and even buy works of art.

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3 Local market

Shopping is another factor that can increase the cost of travel, especially in places like Barcelona. However, by visiting and buying from local markets, one can save a lot of costs. Indeed, food in local markets is usually fresh and more affordable. When visiting the local market, one must be prepared to explore local products. It’s a chance to save money because the products are cheaper there than in the big supermarkets.

2 walking is great

Barcelona is one of those cities where walking is very convenient. With many attractions close together, it is pleasant to walk between places. Walking is a good way to cut costs, especially when traveling to Barcelona. Walking around the city also offers the opportunity to better interact with people and learn more about local life.

1 Using Airbnb

Accommodation is another factor to consider when visiting Barcelona on a budget. Using Airbnb is the best way to reduce accommodation costs. When you’re traveling with friends, it can be even more affordable because Airbnb has no regulations on visitor numbers and there’s room to do a lot. With Airbnb offering a variety of options with various amenities and price points, it’s a chance for a visitor to choose the one that suits them best. For group travel, this is the best way to save on accommodation.

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