Award-winning Taim Mediterranean cuisine is now open in the Princeton Mall


PALATE PLEASURE: “The families, students and professionals who make Princeton a great place to live and work will love having New York’s best Mediterranean cuisine right in their backyards. We are thrilled to meet everyone and be part of this amazing community,” says Bethany Strong, COO of Taim Mediterranean Kitchen. Featured at the restaurant’s Princeton Mall grand opening are, left to right, Taim CEO Phil Petrilli, Princeton Mayor Mark Freda and Taim Director of Development Matt Frances.

By Jean Straton

Mhomemade from scratch every day, all fresh ingredients, no microwaves, no freezers, authentic Mediterranean recipes.

If all that sounds good, there’s more!

taim Mediterranean Kitchen, which has just opened in the Princeton Shopping Center, has a very special business card.

Originally founded in 2005 in Manhattan’s West Village, taim (a Hebrew word, pronounced tie-eem) is now owned by parent company Untamed Brands and operated by CEO Phil Petrilli and COO Bethany Strong. Currently, there are seven Taim Mediterranean Kitchens in New York City and one in Washington, D.C. Princeton will be its first location in New Jersey.

high praise

That taïm translates to “tasty” is perfectly appropriate. New York restaurant reviews have consistently praised it as “The Best Falafel” according to The New York Times, and Taïm was named “one of New York’s 50 Best Restaurants” by Zagat.

“We distinguish ourselves by our special recipes, steeped in tradition,” explains Strong. “Customers love our cuisine and the people of Princeton love to explore new flavors. If we put food in their mouths, we know they will come back!

This has certainly been the case so far. Even in the short time (14 days) the restaurant has been open, it already has regulars among its customers.

“They love the food and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere,” says Leslie Neviaser, vice president, marketing. “We are a casual, informal restaurant with dine-in, take-out and catering. We can accommodate 32 people inside at the counter and 12 at our tables outside. We serve delicious pitas, bowls, salads and mezes (small dishes) which are all homemade daily. From the beginning, when it first opened in New York, the owners have gathered the finest ingredients, spices, and age-old techniques from Mediterranean cuisine, and brought them together for the best lunch, dinner, or quick bite.

The restaurant attracts a wide range of customers, including families, some of whom are familiar with this Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine and others who haven’t tasted it yet, but are ready to explore something new, Neviaser adds. .

And, indeed, they will find a full range of items to tempt the taste buds. In its mission statement, taïm reports that its “concept is vegetable-driven, while also offering lean meats, fresh herbs and spices to meet the needs of a variety of healthy and balanced diets.

Authentic ingredients

“Taïm is differentiated by its commitment to fresh, authentic ingredients and spices, and high standards of preparation,” the statement continued. “All locations are stocked with a variety of 18 different spices, including Baharat, one of the most widely used spice blends in Mediterranean cuisine. Without a microwave or freezer, Taïm prepares every menu item from scratch – soak chickpeas for 24 hours for hummus, peel fresh ginger and grind fresh parsley, cilantro and mint for signature falafel Taim fryers are always gluten-free, as shawarma from cauliflower is coated in rice flour and the falafel does not include flour or other fillers.

Choices include freshly baked artisan pitas stuffed with hummus, Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, tahini and a choice of chicken, meatballs and vegetables, with toppings and sauces to customize it.

Bowls were also introduced and have become very popular, notes Neviaser, “These can have a choice of rice, hummus, couscous or lettuce served with an Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, tahini and a main dish of chicken, meatballs or vegetables”.

Several salads are available, including Greek and citrus, with mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, olives, feta cheese, and seasonings.

Popular accompaniments are freshly cut taim fries, served with saffron aioli or harissa ketchup. falafel, pita, crispy cauliflower, peppers and pickles are other favorite sides.

Mezze (small dishes), including a variety of pitas and vegetables, such as pickled beets and Moroccan carrots, and pitas, are also in demand.

Children’s menu

Drinks include sodas, bottled water, milk, juices, and Taim’s own ginger mint lemonade.

“This is the first time we’ve had a kids’ menu,” Strong reports. “We have ‘pita’ butter and jelly, as well as little trays for the kids to choose what they want. We have already welcomed many children and we look forward to the arrival of even more families. We are an ideal place for families.

Dine-in and take-out are popular, she adds, and she looks forward to expanding the catering business to include all kinds and sizes of events, from picnics to weddings.

Prices start at $4.50 for the kids’ menu, with regular pitas at $9.75 and bowls at $11.75

The choice of Princeton and the Mall as Taim’s first suburban location is very significant, Strong points out.

“Princeton is such a vibrant community, a city with a passion for good food and culture, which is a perfect fit for Taim. It is also an international community, with people from other countries living here. Also, we are very happy to be in the mall. The management has been so helpful and the other traders so welcoming. It’s a great location and with such convenient parking. We look forward to everyone who gathers at the mall this summer for outdoor concerts and other events. »

Feast of Flavors

She adds that she is enjoying this new opportunity here. “I like being with everyone: our staff and the customers. I love sharing what we offer and seeing people having fun. Of course, we all love food. Don’t forget, we have a feast of flavors just for you!

“We are very proud of our staff and plan to recruit more. We provide benefits and opportunities for staff to grow into leadership positions. »

Being part of the Princeton community is another big priority for Taim, Strong points out. “We look forward to being an integral part of the community. Everyone made us feel so welcome and we want to give back.

In fact, taïm has already given back in a very meaningful way. On June 14, he hosted a fundraiser with proceeds going to Mr. Rogers’ Neighbors Kindness Project. The organization focuses on neighbors helping local businesses and local residents.

“We sold over 750 bowls at half price, and we donated that amount to the Neighbors project,” says Neviaser. “We are very happy to support such a useful and important organization.”

taim is open 7 days a week, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Delivery is available through the website or the taim app.

FFor more information, call (609) 356-0140, or visit


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