Bayern’s Lewandowski tells Xavi about Barcelona transfer desires


Various media echoed a chance meeting last Wednesday between Xavi Hernández and Robert Lewandowski in a resort in Ibiza. A coincidence, perhaps, but which obviously prompted journalists and bloggers to write that it was something perfectly agreed in advance. Likewise, there was also speculation as to whether they had actually seen each other inside the premises where each had taken different paths.

What did Lewandowski tell Xavi?

At AS we can now confirm that there was indeed a meeting and they even had a friendly chat for a few minutes. It was totally casual conversation where they talked about their families and their holidays, but there was also a pointed reference to Barca’s potential transfer. That’s when they said goodbye, when Lewandowski has openly confessed to Xavi his desire to wear the Blaugrana shirt very soon“I really want to train with you,” he said.

It was also a clear statement of intent from a player who shows absolute commitment in his desire to sign for FC Barcelona. Each of his public statements is a challenge to his current club, Bayern Munich, to let him go.

The Bavarian hierarchy remains firm on its position, even if they seem to have started to give some hints of a certain permissiveness, going from the categorical refusal of any negotiation to the valuation of the striker at 60 million euros. In Catalonia there is confidence that this figure will eventually drop with the idea of ​​​​being able to bring it back for a price close to 50 million.

And it’s not just Lewandowski who is keen for it to be resolved quickly so that he does not have to return to Munich on July 12. Xavi, too, has his deadlines set, hoping to have the Polish striker in place ahead of the US tour which begins on July 16. Robert is now seen as the cornerstone of Barca’s new project which aims for a return to the success and silverware they used to be. Used to.


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