Big XR News from Meta, Krouli, Google, Avocor, Delta Reality and Illuminarium


The week of May 10-13 offered a famous event at Fira de Barcelona in Spain, which hosted Integrated Systems Europe 2022 for hundreds of the world’s top immersive and AV technology companies.

Overseas, many companies such as Meta and Delta Reality have also made huge strides in the extended reality (XR) space by releasing key updates and teasers on their respective VR advancements. , augmented and mixed (VR/AR/MR).

Here are the top extended reality (XR) picks from the past week. Please join our regular updates by signing up to our newsletter at for the latest XR news!

Zuckerberg teases Project Cambria VR headset

CEO and Founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg teased the public with a video of him testing out a darkened Project Cambria helmet, it was reported last Thursday.

In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg scrambled the head-mounted display (HMD) during “The World Beyond” demo to show off the headset’s presence platform and transmission capabilities.

Illuminarium Reveals Global Push at ISE 2022 Barcelona

Illuminarium, a major US company tasked with designing and hosting mass XR experiences, revealed in a keynote at ISE 2022 that it will be expanding its immersive solutions across the globe.

Company CEO Alan Greenberg broke the news in a speech at the event, where he said the Atlanta, Georgia-based company aims to democratize “extraordinary experiences” for attendees.

Delta Reality joins the VR/AR association

Delta Reality, a Zagreb, Croatia-based company specializing in mixed reality solutions, announced last Tuesday that it has joined the Virtual and Augmented Reality Association (VRARA).

The company said it would join the organization’s Global Stakeholder Board as a member as it aims to help companies and startups develop marketing strategies and adopt XR solutions.

Krouli, Avocor Discover Google Glass and Google Meet at ISE 2022

Swedish reseller XR Krouli Solutions and US unified communications solutions provider Avocor spoke to XR Today at ISE 2022 about how Google’s app ecosystem has empowered businesses and manufacturers, including through its upcoming Glass AR smart glasses.

The companies explained how Google’s integrated app solutions developed additional use cases on Google Glass, Avocor’s Google Meet Series One devices, smartphones, tablets and other compatible devices, among others.

Executives from both companies said Google’s Meet platform has been instrumental in supporting remote workers by providing stable video streams to operators around the world, as well as optimal interoperability between tools and interfaces, providing these teams with flexible and reliable communications.


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