Bombazo! Mendes could offer him to Barca for the ‘crack’ too


Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United a year before fulfilling his agreement and, absurdly enough, his future could be, at all more and at all less, that of FC Barcelona. With 37 years, in Portuguese no him llueven, nor much less, offers in this summer market, by which his compatriot and representative, Jorge Mendes, is already working to find him a new team. In this sense, the ‘ACE’ newspaper assures that one of the signatures that could be disputed during the dinner between the agent and Joan Laporta this Monday had to do with ‘CR7’.

For Cristiano, his main objective is to leave for a club that will allow him to play in the next edition of the UEFA Champions League., tournament of the cual is the maximum historical goleador (140 so many) and in which it has disputed the last 19 seasons, raising the “orejona” six times. Thereby, the option of Paris Saint-Germain has been gaining strength for several weeksbut the dinner between Laporta and Mendes could have given an unexpected twist to resolving the 37-year-old’s future.

And it is that, for the Barça, the possibility of fichar to Ronaldo would be a mediático and sports blow so unexpected like impacting. The club has a priority of filchar a ‘9’ this summer and, in the face of Bayern Munich’s refusal to accept Robert Lewandowski’s offers, Christian’s option would be a conclusive answer for the Bavarians and for the rest of Europe, in a market that antoja as one of the most intense of the last varnish.

Real Madrid Historic Goleador (450 goals); indisputable idol of ‘merengue’ fans and acerrimo rival of Barça, Cristiano is a banner of madridismo still four years from his game. Thus, to see him at Camp Nou wearing the blaugrana T-shirt would be a mediático blow equivalent to which in its moment supposed to see Luis Figo fichando by Madrid, something culé fans have never forgiven the Portuguese player. Will Laporta be able to imitate Florentino Pérez 22 years later?

Bayern, Rome, Naples… The options for Cristiano

In addition to PSG, Bayern’s option is one of the most interesting for a Christian who only thinks of fighting against a new champion. The Bavarians would tackle another striker after the signing of Sadio Mané and the possible exit of Lewandowski, a stage in which ‘CR7’ would be a reinforcement of the same type as Julian Nagelsmann for those of Munich. On his side, José Mourinho’s Roma would also be interested in an offer from the Luso.

After obtaining the UEFA Conference League, the ‘giallorossi’ group wants to strengthen itself to compete in Series To and in the Europe League. However, this would be a big obstacle in the aspirations of the ‘Wolf’, since in the Italian capital the same chance awaits him as at Old Trafford: the bag of Champions. The opposite case would happen with Napoli, another club that would have requested Mendes by the striker and that yes will be present in the group stage of the Champions League. In any case, what if it seems safe, at these heights, is that hardly the ‘7’ will follow his career in the United States.


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