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LONDON, October 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Former city wealth manager, Ryan Marsh, launches the new Quantus gallery, specializing in NFT artwork for digital art enthusiasts and investors.

Finances go back to the drawing board

With the boom in sales of NFT, the launch of Quantus Gallery offers the opportunity for digital art enthusiasts and others to gain an understanding of the digital art market and enter the ground floor. pavement with the NFT collection. The blockchain-backed digital art market has seen a staggering 300% growth from last year after the doors of traditional art galleries that sent shoppers were closed online. In October 2020, history was written when the artist known as Beeple sold an NFT of his work to world-famous auction house, Christie’s, for a staggering price $ 69.3 million.

Ryan Marsh has spent the past 11 years forging relationships with prestigious art dealers in eight different markets, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the lucrative digital art industry.

“Good art, if guided correctly, can be a great investment, but there are also many pitfalls if investors don’t have the right advice and expertise in the art world. We’ve assembled a team at the Quantus Gallery to educate those looking to tap into the digital art and digital currency markets – and to illustrate the fact that you don’t need to have big capital to start. invest in art and get fantastic returns. “

Ryan Marsh CEO and Founder, Quantus Gallery

Around the world, people have been collecting items for centuries, from stamps to Pokemon cards, the collectibles market is stronger than ever. Critics who comment on the fact that NFT is a bubble ready to burst do not see the full potential that this new sector of digital collection brings. With high-end fashion brands like Gucci launching their collectible NFT fashion lines, record companies releasing music as NFT, all verticals are realizing just how strong the market is. The technological world we live in makes it possible to have your precious collection at your fingertips, whether on a phone or tablet, or displayed on digital screens.

Paint by numbers

The UK has always benefited from a robust art industry, and in 2021 the UK’s share of the art and antiques sector accounts for around 20% of the global market, which is equivalent to the share kept by China and about 50% of United States. It seems that even a global pandemic cannot dampen the great British passion for art, as online sales have skyrocketed since the start of 2020.

Quantus Gallery is expected to launch on Friday 10 december 2021 and creates a buzz among those looking to learn more and collect NFTs around the world.

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On Ryan Marsh

Former wealth manager of the city, Ryan Marsh, works with some of the world’s most prestigious brands and investors, including UHNW and HNW. Quantus Gallery is Ryan’s latest business venture as it brings together artists, collectors and investors.

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