Elite Global Family Offices and Private Investors gathered in Monaco at the 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit of HE Sir Anthony Ritossa for thought-provoking exchanges on legacy and impact investing



“In Monaco, the Global Family Office Investment Summit has once again proven to be the world’s premier gathering of elite family offices and leading private investors. A better place is conscious power that families have. The pandemic has proven that the very wealthy must work together for a better future. “
Mr. Antoine Ritossa, President, Ritossa Family Office, United Arab Emirates

After the pandemic, it is clear that trust, commitment, respect, transformation and responsibility are among the priority themes for families.

Monegasque agenda

In addition to family office participants, the summit also hosted selected investment opportunities in blockchain, healthcare, hotel real estate, financial technology, renewable energy, impact investing. and philanthropy.

As at previous World Family Office Summits, the program highlighted topics such as:

that of Monaco World famous financial market

Monaco survived the pandemic well thanks to the strong leadership of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. It is a flourishing 140 billion dollars international financial market with strong credit dynamics, new residency regulations and an effective platform for estate planning. Monaco like a Wall Street emerging from Europe.

Invest with Confidence During Global Transformation

The Summit brought together the brightest minds to best invest in a rich heritage and a positive impact on humanity.

It is essential to consider the importance of making a difference and investing in improving the world.

To be successful, you need to be surrounded by people who embody a culture of excellence and inspire others to grow and improve.

The next wave of blockchain

Now is the second best time to invest in blockchain and bitcoin, after its inception years ago. Digital assets impact speed, security, and efficiency with the potential to change business models. We are in the midst of a global wealth transfer and today’s new technologies provide a transition between the two worlds. Since infrastructure prevails over time, it may be best to “bank on the plumbing” when considering investment opportunities. The future of the internet is decentralized and changes are happening at a rapid pace. Scaling and data is the power of blockchain, and bitcoin is the fusion of data and mining. The industry is forever transformed by blockchain.

that of Saudi Arabia Multigenerational success

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia moving away from its dependence on oil and gas, new sectors such as food security, vertical agriculture, technology, agro-technology and entertainment are increasingly at the center of investor concerns. The next generation of Saudi family offices are embracing change. Riyadh is a booming and prosperous city that attracts young investors eager to rapidly develop great opportunities within the Kingdom.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Shaping the Future

AI and ML have essential applications for industries such as e-commerce and manufacturing. AI trivializes and provides new ways of making predictions and conclusions based on large data sets. Many new funds, products and services are transforming lives using today’s latest technologies.

The multigenerational success of family businesses

Sheikh Obeid Wahib Binzagr, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Obeid is a member of the G4 of Beit Binzagr “one of the oldest trading companies in Saudi Arabia, founded in 1881. He is an aggressive investor and holds many positions in his family businesses operating in Saudi Arabia and in the GCC while exporting to the MENA region. Obeid invests in progressive trends such as vertical agriculture, subscription e-commerce, end-to-end logistics solutions, smart parking as well as traditional businesses, such as commodity trading and real estate. He is the founder of GVAdvisors, in Switzerland help the next generation of family members to preserve, manage and increase their family wealth.

Africa: a new frontier of investment

Africa has always been misunderstood both internally and globally. While some Africans have not believed enough in themselves, the new generation sees the world in a positive light, which is leading the continent to create a new future for itself. Challenges remain, but progress has been significant. Now is the perfect time to invest as the next generation of megaprojects present opportunities for investors.

Preparing the next generation for success

The next generation of heads of households demands expansion for new opportunities. They want to understand their parents’ decisions while being free to follow their path in life. Space is needed to learn from mistakes and successes. Over time, NextGen executives plan to teach their children about family, questions to ask, how to express themselves, thrive and lead better lives. It is better to lead than to push.

Decentralize the future of work

We now have the tools to decentralize the work, but the question is whether we want to do it. It is essential to have a strong corporate culture, to foster the learning that comes from interactions with colleagues and to appreciate the social side of work. Viewing work from a collaborative perspective is vital for the future of businesses around the world.

Co-investment opportunities for Family Offices

Co-investment in good ideas is fundamental in family offices. Leveraging his network to reveal ideas and perform due diligence are valuable resources, and Sir Anthony’s lectures are the perfect platform to uncover new investment opportunities.

Securing the legacy of family businesses through emotional governance

Family harmony increases the chances of a favorable wealth transition and ensures the legacy of a successful family business.

For harmony to exist, we must first feel secure – within ourselves, with our relationships and finally with our wealth. A strained family dynamic costs the business money and will threaten its generational survival.

Family discomfort, once repaired, improves the bottom line and ensures longevity.

Sir Anthony received the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Banu Assaf by His Highness Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf

The honor conferred on Sir Anthony the title of His Excellency.

Please save the dates for SE Mr. that of Anthony Ritossa Upcoming Global Summits on Family Office Investing

16th Conference, Miami, September 21-23, 2021
17th Conference, Riyadh, October 26 – October 28, 2021
18th Conference, Dubai, November 27 – November 29, 2021

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