Essential AR smart glasses events for your 2022 calendar


As new companies continue to appear on the market offering their own variations of the ultimate AR headset, choosing the right smart glasses is becoming increasingly difficult. If you want to participate in the AR hardware revolution, you’ll need to be prepared to do your research.

While online reviews and comparisons can offer valuable insight into the AR ecosystem, there’s nothing better than testing out the technology yourself.

Events provide the opportunity to experience AR innovations, learn about the latest technologies, and plan future investments for your business. So which events are most likely to provide useful information about AR smart glasses? Let’s find out.

XR Summit ISE

May 11, 2022, Fira de Barcelona

An all-in-one conference exploring the various amazing tools and technologies of the extended reality space, XR Summit ISE is a half-day conference by Integrated Systems Events.

The conference will explore the latest virtual, augmented and blended technologies, strategies and business solutions. You might even get a chance to try out some of the latest AR glasses.

Held in conjunction with the incredible Integrated Systems Europe event, the XR Summit will be held alongside the world’s largest AV and systems integration trade show. So it is likely that you will see some amazing material here.

Manufacturing World Japan 3D & VR Expo

March 16-18andTokyo Big Sight

Manufacturing World Japan is an event specifically designed to showcase some of the most exciting 3D and VR solutions for a host of industries.

Attracting countless attendees each year, this event provides an opportunity to test out some of the latest technology, hardware and headsets on the market. This includes upcoming designs in AR smart glasses.

Manufacturing and engineering companies will be among the biggest customers of AR smart glasses over the next few years. Attending this conference could be a great way for your brand to get ahead of the competition.


March 25-27andBrisbane, Australia,

The International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulations returns to Australia for its 6and time in 2022.

The objective of this conference is to highlight the latest research results from engineers and computer science related to the topics of AR and VR simulation. This could be a great event to attend if you want to learn more about the science behind your AR glasses.

The ICVARS event will provide a useful insight into where the technology landscape is heading with regards to the creation of new wearables and AR devices.

You will also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded experts interested in exploring the digital landscape through augmented reality.

Global Metaverse Conference

April 27-29and Santa Clara, California

Metaverse conversations are one of the trends that are driving more attention towards augmented reality and the creation of smart glasses.

At this Metaverse-focused event in Santa Clara, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about what Metaverse really means and why it’s relevant to the augmented reality space.

Topics covered by speakers at the event will cover everything from video understanding and NLP in creating modern technology, to robotics and augmented reality hardware.

Over three days, you can attend over 80 sessions, listen to up to 125 speakers and take part in a range of hands-on workshops.

Seoul VR AR Show

June 15and-17, 2022, COEX, Seoul

A celebration of extended reality, the Seoul VR AR Expo for 2022 will bring together a host of the latest technologies and innovations related to VR and augmented reality technology. This includes information on some of the latest and greatest smart glasses on the market today.

The AR and VR Expo will include a range of exhibits where visitors can experience the possibilities of extended reality and learn more about how this technology is helping to create a better future, even in a post-pandemic world. There is even a smart school environment to learn more about XR technologies.

XR Summer Fair

June 26-29, 2022, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Big Sight

Committed to showcasing all the amazing opportunities extended reality has to offer, the XR Fair in Summer is a newly launched exhibition in Tokyo.

The event takes place in the summer and fall, bringing together innovators from around the world to showcase their creations in extended reality.

During the event, you will have countless opportunities to interact with other market-leading professionals looking for AR technology. Additionally, there should be plenty of opportunities to see what developers are up to with the creation of new AR and MR smart glasses.

Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES)

October 18and-20andSan Diego, California

One of the world’s leading events for enterprise XR discover Augmented Enterprise Summit focuses on showcasing some of the most exciting immersive technologies for business.

The event is one of the longest running in the industry, dedicated to providing businesses with insight into XR’s enterprise applications, wearables and a host of other emerging technologies.

At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to experience not only some of the latest AR smart glasses, but also the accessories that can make these immersive headsets more appealing, like body-worn sensors and digital twins.

Global VR/AR Summit

December 5and-sevenand 2022, Miami, Florida

The VR/AR Global Summit is back for another year in 2022, promising to be bigger and better than ever. Each year, this incredible event attracts innovators from around the world to come network, explore and create together in a collaborative space. The event features over 300 speakers from across the XR industry, as well as 500 fantastic companies.

You can join around 1000 other attendees in a bespoke event filled with unique leads tailored to your buying needs. There is a track for web AR and VR, augmented reality, web 3 and even artificial intelligence. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out the latest hardware here too.


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