Fans claim Natasha Webb gave ex-boyfriend Dave White’s phone number


Under the Mediterranean Bridge Season 7 is only one episode away from the end of the season. In the last episode, Natasha Webb and David White were seen in a situation similar to the one they experienced at the start of the show.

Stew Chef Natasha and Chef Dave were seen racking their brains again. In Episode 18, Natasha broke up with her boyfriend, who retaliated by texting Dave and blaming him for their breakup.

Under the Mediterranean Bridge fans were confused as to how the ex-boyfriend got Dave’s number. Many viewers claimed that Natasha gave her the chief’s number and acted innocently not knowing how her ex got Dave’s contact.

Just as Dave’s head stabilizes, she blasts it again. She gave her number to her man. I can’t. #under the bridge

The former Chief Stew lover’s message to Dave was as follows:

“You must be like a pot that goes out. But you’re a typical bully who will blame everyone but himself.

Fans react when Natasha’s ex gets Dave’s phone number

As viewers wondered how Natasha WebbEx-boyfriend got Dave White’s number, some Under the Mediterranean Bridge fans claimed she only gave it to her ex.

However, episode 18 did not reveal if Dave received the message via text or Instagram. Some fans thought the ex might have slipped into Dave’s DMs.

Take a look at the fan reactions:

I’m going to have to assume her boyfriend messaged Dave on social media not her phone number bc if that’s her phone # then she gave her ex her phone number which makes she a legit sociopath. #under the bridge #under the bridgemedical

Dave has every right to be pissed off, how else would he have gotten his information and Natasha number #BelowDeckMed

HOW did her boyfriend get Dave’s number anyway? She just plays with BOTH! #BelowDeckMed

Chef Stew Natasha first shared cabins with Chef Dave as the two came to the yacht as good friends. Apparently they clung to their last yacht while Natasha was in a relationship. On Under the Mediterranean Bridgeshe was single when she and Dave became friends with benefits, but soon the latter began to develop feelings for her.

Things did not end on a high note between the two. Natasha later returned with her ex-boyfriend, but their relationship soured after hearing Dave’s voice in one of the earlier episodes. In the last episode, Natasha broke up with him, but the latter went too far by texting Dave and calling him a “tyrant”. The stew chef’s ex blamed Dave for their split.

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While telling Natasha about the message, Dave mentioned that he will meet his ex and break his neck. He tried to clarify that he was not a bully or that he had never been aggressive towards her. In response, Natasha rolled her eyes and tried not to have a conversation. But Dave kept asking when he was aggressive, and she mentioned “messages.”

She was referring to when Dave got serious about her, but she didn’t want a relationship with him. Dave was angry and in a drunken state of mind he texted Natasha curses and called her inappropriate names.

Under the Mediterranean Bridge season 7 episode 18 new cast

The cast of Under the Mediterranean Bridge season 7 hosted its ninth and final charter of the season. Guests included former LA Rams defensive tackle Dominique Easley and former Washington Commanders tight end Jordan Reed, along with their friends.

Besides the VIP charter guests, the latest episode also welcomed a new stew in place of Kyle Viljoen. The latter sprained his ankle in the previous episode and thus left the yacht for a few days. Episode 18 Welcome Stew Elena Dubaichwho was trying to impress his superiors in the latest installment.

The preview for the upcoming episode showed Kyle’s return to the yacht, with the cast ending the season with a wild party.

Under the Mediterranean Bridge The Season 7 finale airs Monday, November 14, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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