FC Barcelona membership up 4%, the strongest growth since 2010


FC Barcelona closed the 2021/22 season with a total of 143,086 members as of June 30, 2022, i.e. 5,572 (4.05%) up from 137,514 at the same time 12 months earlier. The increase reversed the downward trend of the past decade, and is the first increase since that of 6.07% in the six-fold gaining year of 2010.

The increase follows the introduction of new policies promised by the board to make it easier for people to join and thus make the club more open and democratic.

56,021 (39.15%) members are from Barcelona city, and 75,169 (52.53%) are from the rest of Catalonia. The rest is 11,896 (8.31%).

105,705 (73.88%) members are men and 37,381 (26.12%) are women.

Restrictions lifted

The board decided to remove certain restrictions on membership, such as being a first or second degree relative of a member, having been a member before or being a member of a supporters club or holder of a pledge card for at least three years, accepting that anyone can become a member by applying in person at Barcelona Supporter Services Office (OAB), although club bylaws still prevented memberships from being arranged remotely or digitally.

Online Membership

A proposal has been submitted to the General assembly last October to allow online registration, and following its adoption, the club set to work on creating a secure and reliable system to govern such a procedure. Work was finally completed in April and for the first time the club was able to offer fans around the world the opportunity to become members online.

The response was huge and from April to June there were 1,922 online registrations. An additional 1,525 new members were recruited from holders of pledge cards, which they would normally have had to hold for three years before they could become full members, a restriction now lifted.


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