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Florentino Pérez took advantage of the holidays from Real Madrid to chat with the show ‘Le Chiringuito’. The ‘White House’ principal didn’t dodge the ‘hot’ topics in the interview and one of them had to see with the frustrated signature of Erling Haaland. The Madridista pretended to convert to the Norwegian to succeed Karim Benzema in 2023, but in the end Manchester City’s millions benefited.

“Having the best 9 in the world and didn’t go and bring Haaland to have him on the bench, right? Clause in two years? I do not know. Now we no longer have any interest in forming the new team with the young people who have and some reinforcements”, said of Haaland’s arrival in the ‘sky blue’ group. In this regard, the president ‘ merengue’ assured that the period of ‘the galactic’ has remained in stride, since the price of ‘cracks’ has increased too much.

“The big players don’t sell them to you or cost you. We have clauses of 1,000 million. To have to Vinicius, Rodrygo, Valverde, Militao… Problems to renew in Vinicius? Any. He always says that he is not moving from Madrid”, detailed Pérez, the one who also encouraged to predict a Ballon d’Or for ‘Vini’: “I think that going to be sure golden ball, as it will be now Benzema. All put nervous, the same as Rodrygo or Valverde. I think another one who will hallucinate is Rodrygo,” commented.

Barca, Messi and Lewandowski

Florentino also encouraged to reflect on FC Barcelona news. “It’s a club that costs a lot of money and can have a bad time. You have to do the things you have to do when you’re in a bad situation. Laporta wears just over a year, things don’t get better overnight. Have patience and go and see that there will be great classics”. In addition, he added that he and the president culé “do not speak to each other every day, but yes when something concerns us. Have a good relationship,” Pérez argued.

Moreover, he mentioned on the fly Leo Messi and the possible arrival of Robert Lewandowski in Catalonia this summer. “Also he sacked Marcelo between tears with such good and sought-after players, the day that goes how will you not cry. But I’m not happy because it goes anyone (on Leo’s exit). If it could come phenomenal Lewandowski. Everything that made the League prosper…”; puntualizó.

Thebes, CVC and the Superliga

For the president of Real Madrid, the Superliga project follows alive. “At the moment there is a question before the Court of Luxembourg, there will be an inside view and little and will decide in this respect on the questions that have been asked. We believe that we have the right, within the European Community, to organize competitions among ourselves, with UEFA. We understand that UEFA is a monopoly and in this Europe of 27 one pillar is that of competition”, maintained Pérez.

In addition, he commented that Javier Thebes and LaLiga must flexibilizar the policy of financial “fair play”. “In La Liga, tell who can or cannot fichar, go to Barça. In my view, they are the two best teams in the world and when they play a Classic, 600 million people see it”, explained Florentino, who also defended the Blaugrana’s decision to refuse the agreement with CVC. Barça is a serious club, which reported a legality and which will hardly return afterwards, would be nonsense”underline.

Likewise, the White principal believes that, following Thebes’ criticism of Paris Saint-Germain, he doesn’t support Madrid. “I sit prejudicial, I also have a lawsuit by a LaLiga agreement which, in our view, is illegal. It’s an illegal safe. He violates an executive order; the one to whom the rights of TV to LaLiga are ceded for its commercialization, in competition regime and for three years. And it’s not like that,” explained Florentino.


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