Here are three delectable wines we’ll be sipping all summer long


Are you very aware of the environmental impact of the products you consume but still want to enjoy a delicious wine at your next dinner party? We are there with you.

Fortunately, Familia Torres – a winery in Catalonia, Spain – is working to mitigate the impact it has on the Earth’s climate now and in the future.

The Spanish winery — named “the world’s most admired wine brand” by International Drinks for 2022 – launched its environmental program Torres and Earth in 2008. Since then it has reduced its carbon emissions by 34% per bottle and aims to be a net zero winery by 2040.

To achieve this goal, Familia Torres has implemented practices such as reforestation, growing its vines at higher altitudes where the weather is cooler, and reintroducing ancestral varieties that are better suited to the climate patterns projected for the future. . Renewable energy accounts for 25% of the winery’s energy consumption, with biomass boilers, solar panels and geothermal energy used on site.

The winery also partnered with a Californian counterpart in 2019 to lead the formation of the International Wineries for Climate Action group whose member wineries have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Now that your conscience is clear, we’ve put together a list of three of the cellar’s most scrumptious wines – bonus: they’re all available at your local BCLIQUOR store.

Sangre de Toro

Sangre de Toro (BCLIQUOR store)

For $16.99, this fresh, intense red is a blend of Grenache and Carignan from Catalonia that is velvety on the palate and pairs best with savory, meaty dishes – a great choice for a barbecue dinner with friends.

Vina Emerald

Vina Emerald

Vina Esmeralda (BCLIQUOR Store)

This floral and fruity number is only $17.49. A tribute to the Mediterranean, this off-dry white is a brilliant straw yellow. With delicate floral and fruit (lychee) notes, the fragrant wine is smooth on the palate with a luscious honey finish.

Celeste Crianza

Celeste Crianza

Celeste Crianza (BCLIQUOR Shop)

From the Ribera wine region in northern Spain comes this opulent red that is bursting with fruit, body and color. For $28.99, you’ll find the perfect date wine at Celeste, which includes intriguing flavors of black cherry, plum, herbs, tea and tobacco. Enjoy with grilled chicken, pork or pasta.

If you want more information about Torres and the Earth, visit the wine estate website. To try one (or all) of the above bottles, visit your nearest store BCLIQUOR store.


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