II Congress Expo Agua Santiago: It is urgent to promote alliances and collaborations to face water scarcity


Despite the rains recorded last winter in the country, the serious situation of water shortage persists. Indeed, to date, Chile still records more than 30% rainfall deficit.

Although there is no deep, generalized and transversal understanding of this reality, it is possible to recognize a greater awareness of the role that each of us plays in the face of this scenario. “From citizens to businesses, we have started to reduce, or even offset, the consumption of water we use in our homes and in production processes. Even the state has recognized the role it must play in active and effective governance and oversight of water resource use,” says Claudia Papic, Executive Director of the Santiago-Maipo Water Fund.

It’s not enough. “There is still a long way to go in the collaboration, coordination and articulation of the efforts that are being implemented today. There is little collaboration, little alliance and little support for collective initiatives. In general, what we see are isolated and individual efforts and, therefore, less effective and sustainable,” adds Papic.

To face this scenario and be able to generate an instance of collaboration and dialogue, the II EXPO AGUA SANTIAGO CONGRESS will take place. Organized by Interexpo and the Santiago-Maipo Water Fund, in collaboration with Fira de Barcelona and I Water, the meeting will take place on October 13 at the Centro Parque.

But the solutions do not only go through the management of current resources, and, “to harmonize the scarcity of the resource with the increase in population and demand expected for the decades to come, it is imperative to develop alternative sources of water”, assured the academic director of the Water Saving Forum, Estanislao Arana.

In its second version, the meeting will also see the exceptional participation of Alain Gachet, a French physicist and geologist and inventor of an algorithm allowing satellites to detect underground water sources. During his presentation – on the opening day – Gachet will talk about the effects of climate change and the possibilities of using groundwater as a solution to scarcity in particularly affected communities.

His work and research over the past decades have earned him international recognition such as the Chavallier medal of the French Legion of Honor and a place in the hall of fame of NASA and the Space Foundation of the United States.

With him, professionals from the fields of hydrology, engineering, research and development, laboratories, NGOs, the agricultural sector, municipalities and the public sector in general, among others, will lead interesting conversations. and showcase water-related initiatives, solutions and technologies, turning the II EXPO AGUA SANTIAGO CONGRESS into the main meeting to advance water security in Chile.

In parallel will be held the XV FORUM ON THE ECONOMY OF WATER, a meeting with a recognized international trajectory. For the academic director of the Water Economy Forum, Estanislao Arana, it is urgent to “find alternative solutions focused on efficiency throughout the water cycle and on the prioritization of uses”. To achieve this ambitious goal, Arana has focused on technology and knowledge exchange; with a particular focus on achieving the sixth sustainable development goal of the 2030 Agenda and ensuring the supply of this vital liquid for all of the world’s population.

More information at https://www.expoaguasantiago.cl/

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