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Yasmin Hashmi presents some of the KNX highlights from the first full Integrated Systems Europe show since 2020.

As the first full ISE show since February 2020, ISE 2022 took place at Fira de Barcelona Gran Vía from May 10-13 and was hailed as a success by show organizers and show partner KNX Association. . During the show week, a total of 43,691 unique attendees from 151 countries had the opportunity to visit 834 exhibitors in six technology zones.

ISE 2022 took place at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Vía from May 10 to 13

It’s no surprise that the general buzz from those in attendance was that they were happy to be back at a real live event, although the show still has some way to go to reach its previous record of 85,000 attendees. . It remains to be seen whether those who stayed away reflect industry changes or a preference for online/hybrid events, but exhibitors reported higher than expected levels of activity at their booths, with the KNX association, in its privileged location in hall 2, saying that attendance was “superb”, especially the first two days.

The first two days of the show were very busy.

The KNX stand at ISE

There were large banners around the exhibition hall inviting people to become a KNX expert at the impressive KNX booth which covered 240 m² and hosted 10 KNX exhibitors. These included Divus, EAE Technology, Eelectron, HDL, HMS Industrial Networks (Intesis), Interra, IT-GmbH, Panasonic Life Solutions, ProKNX and Weinzierl.

KNX was very present at the show.

In addition, two KNX training centres, Amaisys and Domonetio, based in Barcelona, ​​were on hand to advise on a range of training programs they offer. The training centers also organized the KNX Championship, an open competition that involved setting up an installation within a limited time and following strict instructions. This gave newcomers and veterans a chance to win an ETS license or ETS apps.

The KNX stand hosted 10 KNX exhibitors and two KNX training centers.

The KNX stand also featured a KNX IoT panel, which presented the KNX development landscape and showed how IoT is an integral part of KNX device development. In addition, startup SIMLAB introduced the first third-party KNX IoT API client, SIM-ON, as a comprehensive real estate management application, and taught visitors how to connect KNX IoT with software solutions.

Smart Buildings Conference

On the eve of the start of the fair, the smart building conference took place under the theme of smart, safe and sustainable building technologies. Despite poor signage, about 200 people made their way to the event space to hear great presentations and panel discussions.

The KNX brand was highly visible at the conference, and as the main partner of the conference, the KNX Association was represented by CEO Heinz Lux, who spoke about intelligent energy management with KNX. He noted the key phrases that indicate change in the energy industry, namely ‘energy transition’, ‘climate protection’ and ‘sector coupling’ and insisted that we must have a more global vision of the energy consumption sectors such as the use of electricity, heat production and transport. He showed how KNX offers many solutions to link these sectors in an intelligent energy management system, allowing to coordinate, manage and control the use of energy, including individual energy consumers or generators, such as photovoltaic (PV) systems, energy storage systems, heat pumps, and charging stations.

Presentation of Heinz Lux at the Smart Buildings Conference.

KNX was also represented by the marketing manager of the KNX Association, Casto Cañavate, during a panel entitled “How to balance IT and OT Smart Buildings technologies”, in which he presented KNX IoT and IP-BLiS to the public. IP-BLiS is a business interest group made up of organizations such as BACnet International, CSA, DALI Alliance, KNX Association, Open Connectivity Association and Thread Group, whose common goal is to make commercial buildings more responsive to the needs of users by promoting a secure, harmonized multi-standard IP-based network solution.

IoT Solutions World Congress

The IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWS) took place at the same time as the ISE at Fira. It offered numerous booths and a well-attended conference for its 12,000 visitors.

ISE visitors had free access to the IOWSC and discounted access to the conference.

KNX was also well represented, with conference sessions that included the keynote speech by KNX Association CEO Heinz Lux on The future of IoT in home and home automation”; and a hybrid event (in real life and online) on the KNX Startup Incubator by Jesus Arias, Membership and Business Development Manager for the KNX Association. This program aims to remove barriers on the path to success for startups interested in the smart home and building industry.

Presentation of Heinz Lux at the IOTSWS.
Casto Cañavate.

KNX Association Marketing Manager Casto Cañavate gave a presentation on “Configuring the Future of the IoT Industry in Home Automation and Building Automation”, and also participated in a panel, chaired by Bob Snyder , on “How the IoT is transforming building automation”. Other panel members included Palle Geltzer Dinessen from Ubiqisense, Nicolas Waern from Winnio, Morne Erasmus from Commscope Connectivity and Matthew Marson from Arcadis.

Matthew Marson.

Matthew Marson said the attributes of a smart building are likely to be that it will know who we are when we arrive using facial recognition; know the floor to which we are going; know our comfort preferences; and possibly suggesting someone nice we’d like to meet, all while balancing our energy consumption as we move towards our net-zero goals. He added that we are seeing the proliferation of all kinds of digital services, as well as sensors and technologies that we might wear or have embedded.

Morne Erasmus.

Morne Erasmus argued that not only do we need to build more connectivity, but we also need to make it smarter and more sustainable. He pointed out that the number of IoT devices in the world currently stands at 30 billion, and that figure is expected to double within two years, raising the question of what to do with all those batteries when they run out. are exhausting. He suggests building a converged platform that combines several different networks, including PoE and Wi-Fi, over which to direct IoT traffic. He went on to say that we are now moving beyond the phase of just connecting everything and building digital lakes, data reservoirs and AI twins, and moving on to the next phase, which is services, including new ones that have not yet been imagined. . Services are something the KNX Association also enthusiastically promotes, of course, with all the new business opportunities this brings.


It was exciting to have a full show after all this time, and KNX has certainly made its mark at ISE 2022. The show organizers are confident the event has a future at Fira de Barcelona Gran Vìa and will are installed from January 31 to February 3, 2023 for the next show.

As Mike Blackman, Managing Director of ISE said, “We are delighted to have provided a successful platform for our exhibitors and partners to showcase their innovations and technology solutions. As we all recover from the impact of the pandemic, it’s wonderful to be here in Barcelona with what feels like a “normal” ISE in its new home. We look forward to building on this success to return on January 31 next year for another energizing, exciting and inspiring ISE here at Gran Vía.

It’s not that far, so it might be a good time to plan your trip!

Yasmin Hashmi is the editor-in-chief of KNXtoday magazine.


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