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In mobile tech circles, the transition from February to March means one thing and one thing only… MWC Barcelona. Formerly known as Mobile World Congress, it is the largest trade show in the world. More than 150 countries were represented by 1,500 exhibitors, including Honor, Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, realme and Motorola. MakoLab’s presence at an event of this magnitude was unavoidable, which is why our CEO, Wojciech Zieliński, traveled to sunny Barcelona with software architect and senior Java developer Arkadiusz ‘Arek’ Wróbel.

MakoNews spoke to Arek about his impressions, the technological innovations he encountered and his conclusions about his participation in the exhibition

Arek, let’s traditionally start at the beginning! When you went to Barcelona, ​​did you imagine the solutions, services and products you might see there? What were your expectations?

I work in our Financial Software Solutions division and I confess that I did not expect to come in and find solutions that I could propose for my projects or implement locally, so to speak. I was primarily interested in checking out where contemporary businesses are heading, and where current trends connect with MakoLab, how do they connect? So I left for Barcelona with an open mind. I knew that getting a glimpse of technological innovations is always fruitful; once a week, as part of our internal Arch Cop initiative, I meet with the technical leaders of our other lines of business and we exchange observations and thoughts on how to strengthen our collaboration and on the directions to follow.

You arrived. What was the first thing to catch your eye?

Barcelona showed us their spirit of innovation at the very beginning of the journey that led us to the hotel. Literally. Because I’m talking about the L9 Sud automatic metro! Luckily we got into the first car and only after a while did we realize there was no driver. It was an interesting moment! Going back to the exhibition, it is held at Fira de Barcelona, ​​an exhibition center that offers 365,000 square meters of exhibition space. Well, I wanted to see as much as possible, of course, and the first day I covered about fifteen kilometers! Apart from the premieres of new phones, like the realme GT 2 Pro, for example, I could sum it all up under a handful of key points that have been developed in just about every presentation. They were:

  • 5G: for several years, the diversification of services has been a strategic objective for major operators. Services going beyond the traditional telecommunications offer are today a key element of their strategic growth. Even though 5G is a maturing ecosystem, some companies are already tentatively envisioning a 6g-related future;

  • Metaverse: One of the most popular terms in the ICT industry right now is ‘metaverse’. Many experts consider this to be a still-fuzzy concept, but that hasn’t stopped many MWC exhibitors from promoting it;

  • edge computing: One of the main strategies presented in Barcelona this year was to create cost-effective edge computing services for a dispersed business environment. In summary, edge computing is mainly related to the internet of things and is based on the idea of ​​processing data and, often, storing it as well, using terminals, controllers or a microcenter of data operating near, i.e. at the edge of a network.

The trends you mentioned are increasingly imposing themselves boldly in our daily lives and this will certainly not change in the next few years. Do you think we could use some of them at MakoLab now, in our current projects?

It’s an interesting question, if only because at every conference I’ve attended, the conversation has taken place in the ‘sphere of the unfinished’. In other words, we have an idea, sometimes a solution and we are sure that we will continue to work and develop it, but in the indefinite future. That is to say, we are not using it here and now, on project X or Y. I think these horizons are only opening up before us now, but we will certainly observe them carefully and analyze them under the corner of all our business areas.

Regarding MakoLab, I see the greatest potential in the Internet of Things and 5G. I think these will be the trends that we will fully develop first. I am thinking in particular of the Connected Car area, where we have been working for years. I think 5G is integral to transforming the automotive industry, especially in terms of connected cars, and changing the way OEMs design and build their vehicles.

Among the trends you mentioned, which do you find the most interesting, both in the professional and private spheres?

Privately, I appreciate solutions in the ‘spirit of smart’. Smart homes, offices, metros, cities and towns… very advanced technological solutions that use the Internet to completely adapt to people’s needs and expectations, thus facilitating their daily lives. A large number of MWC suppliers presented their ideas and activities in this field. You pick up your phone and everything is at your fingertips… the technical condition of your house, of a given room, and the current conditions there, the status of your appliances, what needs to change, what must look. Everything at the smartphone level. Awesome!

When it comes to scrutinizing solutions for MakoLab, I think of digitizing all payments and non-fungible tokens…or NFTs, for short. I’m involved with financial simulators, which were initially treated more like a toy than a real tool. These days, managing finances and selling cars at the smartphone level is the norm. Application programming interfaces are changing banking, and the Open Banking initiative is giving bank customers a secure way to give their bank details to outside providers. Personalized financial services and a specific car model, with the use of NFT, look interesting.

In March this year, McLaren Automotive began collaborating with InfiniteWorld, a platform specializing in digital content creation, monetization and driving customer engagement in the extended virtual reality you mentioned earlier, the metaverse. Do you think other global automakers will follow?

I think these kinds of demands are going to happen more and more often. The thirst for innovation. Even if the path is long from the idea to its realization. At MakoLab, we have worked for years with leaders in the automotive sector and one of the things we do together is to develop new areas of collaboration. We not only provide solutions, but also concepts. It’s all there in front of us and I know we have developers ready to take on these kinds of challenges.

How were all your business meetings at MWC? Was the networking successful?

I prefer not to give any details, but we have started discussions with two companies involved in data collection and analysis. I must admit that our work has generated a lot of interest from exhibitors in this area. Our projects include interesting and complex data that can be analyzed using our state-of-the-art tools, such as artificial intelligence, for example, which is able to point out possible trends, indicators and deviations. Time to pat yourself on the back later!

In that case, what do you think of the MWC22?

In a nutshell, during my conversations with Wojciech, we came to the conclusion that, for us, the discussions were slightly lacking in concrete details. The entire exhibition, people, products and services certainly make an impression. They are leading the way and making it very clear that we have the technology… but there is still a long way to go. In my view, what we need now are practitioners who will translate visionary ideas into results and benefits. And I think MakoLab will definitely play a part in that!


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