Mediterranean Shipping Company recruits 92 people from Antigua and Barbuda

Mediterranean Shipping Company recruits 92 people from Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda: The Ministry of Tourism and Investment recently carried out a recruitment campaign in collaboration with the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). 92 competent people have been recruited on board Italian-owned MSC cruise ships as a result of the recent recruitment drive.

In a brief ceremony Thursday in which nine (9) people received their Letters of Intent from MSC representatives, the Minister of Tourism and Investment, Charles Fernandez, instructed the applicants to use this unique opportunity to market Antigua and Barbuda and be proud ambassadors for their country.

“Take this opportunity and see it as a training experience, not just a job. You have a great responsibility as you are going out there to represent us and lead the way for more of these opportunities to become available to other Antiguans “, continued the minister.

MSC Recruiter Georgia Dowdell, who was here on the island to wrap up the recruiting campaign, congratulated the successful candidates for doing their best and being selected.

“It was great to be in Antigua to meet you and understand who you are, your interests and your ambitions,” she said.

Simone Richards, a policy and project specialist with the Department of Tourism and Investment, said successful applicants would be guided through the next steps by her and her team before boarding their respective vessels.

MSC operates a fleet of 19 cruise ships and offers cruises in the Caribbean, Northern Europe, South America and Southern Africa, the Mediterranean, the United Arab Emirates and Asia.


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