Minister of Health attends Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee


TEHRAN – An Iranian delegation led by Health Minister Bahram Einollahi has participated in the 69th session of the Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean, which is being held in Cairo, Egypt, from October 10-13.

This summit has three sections, a pre-summit, a specialized section and side meetings where important country-level health issues in the region are discussed in the form of documents, and the outcome of these documents is provided in the form of resolutions, maps, agreed measures and action plans for national policy-making and planning.

Key technical health issues on the agenda include a global infection prevention and control strategy.On Tuesday, Einollahi will deliver a speech and discuss important health issues in Iran and the region.

Also, in order to broaden and deepen bilateral cooperation, he will meet with some health ministers of member countries.

Key technical health issues on the agenda include a global strategy on infection prevention and control, the Global Initiative for Health for Peace, Wellbeing and Health Promotion, the progress in the implementation of One Health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and a regional strategy to enable digital. Health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (2023-2027).

health development

Earlier in September, Einoullahi said Iran has one of the strongest health systems in the region and this opportunity should be used optimally in the area of ​​health diplomacy.

Based on innovative health technology development indicators in 2021, Iran was ranked 60th out of 132 countries, showing a 60-step improvement from 2014, Deputy Health Minister announced responsible for research and technology.

A total of 1,670 knowledge-based companies operate in the healthcare sector, ISNA quoted Younes Panahi as saying.

He added that there are 13 science and technology parks and 95 health technology growth centers, while 343 technology products have so far been licensed and 335 medical science inventions have been patented.

The development of health technologies is assessed by the Global Innovation Index with seven indicators, including institutional structure, human capital and research, infrastructure, market and business complexity, technological knowledge and creativity, he explained.

In June 2021, Ahmed al-Mandhari, director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean region, said that the Islamic Republic of Iran was a model for primary health care.



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