Ousmane Dembele invokes Steph Curry celebration after sensational goal – Thick accent


Since the arrival of Xavi Hernandez as the new head coach at Barcelona, ​​Ousmane Dembele looks like a completely different player.

From being a player desperate to leave, the former BVB man extended his contract with Barca, keeping him in Catalonia for another two years.

After committing to the club, Dembele has started Barca’s pre-season campaign determined to continue his blistering form since January.

The Spanish side took on Juventus at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday where the Frenchman proved to be the Catalans’ most clinical striker as he netted a brace for himself.

It was Dembele who broke the deadlock and opened the scoring in the 33rdrd minute after a dizzying run into the Bianconeri penalty area. Given his command of both feet, the winger did an extremely good job of cutting in and out before blasting his left-footed effort past a helpless Szczesny in goal.

After putting Barca ahead, Dembele also matched the quality of his goal by hitting NBA star Stephen Curry’s iconic ‘Night Night’ celebration.

The Golden State Warriors guard first released this celebration in May in a playoff matchup against the Dallas Mavericks. After picking up the final points of the evening, the American signaled the bedtime gesture to the crowd, a proverbial confirmation that the Warriors opposition could say goodnight to the game.

On Tuesday night, Dembele became the first footballer to shake things up and Curry surely took notice after he retweeted Barcelona’s official post showcasing Dembele’s celebration and wrote – ‘A move’.

While Curry’s celebration was meant to suggest putting opponents to bed or signaling a job well done, Dembele could very well demonstrate to his detractors that he is serious about the coming season and no one should be sleeping on his football for the moment.


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