Ree Drummond’s Easy Mediterranean Orzo Salad is Perfect for a Summer Picnic


Ree Drummond makes an easy summer salad perfect for your next picnic, barbecue or potluck. The cold salad is full of fresh vegetables and topped with a flavorful dressing.

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Ree Drummond said her summer orzo salad ‘goes with just about anything’

Drummond wrote about his easy orzo salad in a 2015 blog post on The pioneer woman website. “I love a good orzo salad and this is one of my favorites because it’s tangy and fresh and has about fourteen million fun ingredients,” she wrote. “So it goes with just about everything!”

She showed how to make the side dish during an episode of The pioneer woman as part of a menu for a picnic with friends. “Of course, any picnic with the girls has to have a gorgeous salad, and this Mediterranean orzo salad fits the bill perfectly,” Drummond said.

She cooked and drained the orzo and placed it in a bowl. Next, Drummond added pitted and halved kalamata olives, halved red and yellow cherry tomatoes, chopped red onions and crumbled feta cheese. “I really want orzo to be kind of a staple,” the Food Network host noted. “The star of the salad is all these vegetables.”

Drummond also added chopped parsley and drained and rinsed chickpeas to the salad.

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‘The Pioneer Woman’ star made a simple dressing for the orzo salad

Drummond made an easy lemon vinaigrette by combining olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper and shaking it all up in a mason jar. “You don’t need much of this dressing because it’s so flavorful,” she explained. “So I’ll just drizzle it all over the ingredients and then I just need to mix it in. It doesn’t get any more colorful than that.

The pioneer woman star shared that the leftover salad is especially delicious. “It stays in the fridge for a few days,” she said. “It’s always a motivation to invite friends over for dinner – you might have leftovers the next day. This orzo salad is even better when it’s chilled.

In his blog post, Drummond recommended a few variations for the salad, including adding parmesan shavings, diced grilled chicken, and/or cucumber slices.

The full recipe is available at Food Network website.

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Drummond’s orzo salad gets rave reviews

Based on reviews left on the Food Network site, Drummond’s Easy Orzo Salad is a winner. “The best pasta salad I have ever eaten. I added an orange bell pepper for more color and flavor,” one reviewer shared.

Other people raved, “I loved this recipe, so fresh” and “Delicious and it made a ton. We ate it for 3 days! Delicious as a meal served with pita and hummus.

Another person noted, “We love this recipe. It’s incredibly tasty. Easy to prepare and can be cut in half or smaller if desired.

“It’s become my go-to when I need to bring something to a party or want lunch for the week,” one person commented. “I added lemon zest to the dressing and it was great! I can add chicken and have a great lunch week!

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