Sanchez seeks new mentor to replace Ivan Redondo


head of government Wants new reinforcements for his cabinet, with an answer, therefore, to Faraz. A year earlier, he had dismissed adviser Ivan Redondo, whom he had promoted to the head of the presidential cabinet, to the incomprehension of many leaders of his party. And, six months before the regional and municipal elections which will be decisive on the final road to La Moncloa, Sanchez is looking for a new mentor to reinvent the strategy Because his “good” management in his team has no explanation for not being recognized by the support of citizens for the elections.

Madrid, Castile and León and Andalusia. The accumulated defeat causes revisions and drastic changes in the president’s team, but they still believe that they lack reinforcements to carry out the new phase which opens in September.

The lack of security is reflected in the resources they have to manage the new course with political and electoral effectiveness. Elections in the Community of Valencia in demand for territorial power Do not follow the exception that they reported on the previous call as April 28, and that they are delayed for a month to match the municipality and the rest of the regionals. Catalonia, the Basque Country, Galicia and Castile and León are omitted.

In 2019, the leader of the Valencian socialists, Zimo Puig, brought forward the elections to April to separate the inhabitants and associate them with the ordinary people, at a time when the leadership of Pedro Sánchez faced a setback in the elections.

now however, The PSOE is worried about the elections in ValenciaWhen they play on schedule a month before the regional election review, they hurt mayors and other self-governing ‘barons’ who will play it in May because of compromise, partner pressure on their ability to keep the feud going . I am in doubt. Of the government

May’s candidates do not want a new stumbling block in the election against the PP in a commune with strong symbolic value in the distribution of regional power. The settlement is “in decline” due to the erosion of the accusation of its leader Monica Oltra for having allegedly participated in the cover-up of the abuses committed by her husband against a minor at the center supervised by the Valencian Generalitat.

The balance of power is so weak that it threatens the resumption of the so-called botanical treaty, not because they cannot resolve their differences, but because the weakening of the agreement does not make it possible. For this reason, they have legally verified that it is possible to apply margins in the Legislative Assembly for a maximum of 40 days from the date of the election. President Sánchez also intends to stick with an exit to move the next legislative elections to January 24, once the semester of the EU presidency expires.

The political future of the PSOE in the hands of Ukraine

At the PSOE, they complain that their political future is “in the hands of the war in Ukraine” and that of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The electoral return of the left Based on known pollsit’s already complicated Without Russia making gas cuts due to inflationary prices and pressures and damage to the labor market, which is the big table the government clings to so as not to shirk the disastrous economic effects of the forces armies. confrontation. In Moncloa they want to be optimistic where the military crisis could develop in the coming months; However, outdoors, they do not hide that the panoramas are perceived as darker than gray.As for Russia not executing a total gas embargo, diplomatic sources say that “there does not seem to be any other option but to reach some kind of peace agreement, but in which Europe must accept that Putin owns part of Ukraine”. that he is already captured”. The United States and the United Kingdom are leading the front in favor of Ukraine, and in opposition to the demand for an interim settlement of the agreement, which involves the recognition of the territories occupied by Russia. This Foreign Affairs pessimism that winter is upon us is shaken in Moncloa by two arguments: Spain’s low dependence on Russia and the “multiplier” effect of European funds.

PP Retreats to Get Out and Earn in September

The opposition is also preparing for an attack in September. But popular leaders don’t believe in coups, experiment with election gurus, or sign outside their own party. The work is focused on solidifying their economic option to win in a fight with Sanchez and the PSOE. Within the PP, he thinks he must save the image that Feizu is a state politician who would be ready to sacrifice his party’s interests in the name of the general interest, “making an excellent impression on the government”. . to give more stability to the economic discourse”

In the popular sense, they base their roadmap on the calculation that the dissolution of Ciudadanos would end with the regional and municipal elections in May, while Vox would not come out of these elections well either. It will be necessary to see if the party led by Santiago Abascal is able to find a breach to recover the space it occupied before the change of direction of the PP, and not live up to its expectations after Andalusia.


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