Sasha Banks trains at Lucha Libre Barcelona


Sasha Banks and Naomi have been the subject of much discussion for months now. Sasha Banks is currently at Barcelona. The WWE superstar was joined at the Fira de Barcelona conference center by his close friend De Ella Samuray del Sol, better known as Kalisto in WWE, who represented Kanndela CBD at the World CBD Awards event.

Banks and Kalisto use their time in Barcelona to engage in other wrestling-related activities. Samuray del Sol took part in Barcelona’s Lucha Libre event yesterday. In addition, he will be present on the Catalan promotion’s campus tomorrow to give an additional talk in addition to the one that was offered today at the Resist Pro Wrestling facility.

Sasha Banks was on hand at recent LLB and RCW shows to watch the behind-the-scenes activities. The wrestler, however, didn’t just sit and think today. In fact, she took part in a Lucha Libre Barcelona workout, as evidenced by the following tweet from the promotion.

We finally see the wrestler in a ring following her controversial split from WWE and subsequent ban. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha and Naomi made the decision to leave where the live Monday Night Raw episode aired because they were unhappy with the way they had been processed.

Although the most recent speculation points to a potential return under the company’s current administration, there was speculation regarding his potential exit at the time. We’ll have to wait to find out Sasha Banks’ WWE future

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