The Mediterranean Sea is getting too hot for the Swiss


trips are postponed

The Mediterranean Sea is getting too hot for the Swiss

A new study shows that the travel behavior of the Swiss in summer is changing. Because it’s getting warmer, they like to visit classic Mediterranean destinations in the fall.

The Swiss love holidays in the Mediterranean. It is the number 1 travel destination for most Swiss. Even in summer. But now it is apparently too hot for them in the Mediterranean! Tourists are slowly but surely moving towards cooler regions. This comes from data that the Swiss tour operator Kuoni had evaluated at the request of “NZZ am Sonntag”.

Kuoni compared the months of July and October, that is, an effective summer and autumn vacation month. Result: Majorca, Crete and Cyprus were still the must-see summer destinations in 2009. Autumn has changed since then. Kuoni now sends more customers to Cyprus in October than in July.

“result of climate change”

“If popular tourist destinations are visited out of season, this is the result of climate change,” says Marcus Flick, spokesperson for Kuoni Media in “NZZ am Sonntag”.

The greatest asset of the Mediterranean Sea is its protection against bad weather. The sun shines practically continuously for months. It is a fact that tourists from all over the world envy countries like Italy, Spain or Greece. However, the fact that it is heating up now can have negative consequences.

it’s been so hot since 37

A McKinsey study, available for “NZZ am Sonntag”, warns of the consequences of heat. For McKinsey, the range between hot and unbearably hot is 37 degrees. Then tourists would stay away and look for a new travel destination.

Concretely: by 2050, in the Turkish city of Antalya, for example, the “unbearable” days will double, going from 30 currently to 60 per year. Even in southern Spain or Egypt, days over 37 degrees are expected to increase by more than 50%. Disappointing prospects for countries that live largely from tourism revenues. (PBE)


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