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The gorgeous home of a serial entrepreneur who left his mark in Central Florida is now on the market.

Roy Peter Scheid operated a chain of tire stores and hardware stores for the first half of his life, retiring to Florida before age 50 in the late 1980s. His retirement was more active than most others, though while operating a group of Central Florida Checker locations, he opened an art gallery with his wife on Winter Park’s Park Ave and eventually purchased the famous Bubble Room in Maitland.

Renamed Pete’s Bubble Room after purchase in 1996, Scheid ran the restaurant famous for its Christmas tchotchkes and massive portions until he fell ill several years later. A lifelong collector himself, Scheid was a natural fit for The Bubble Room.

of a Orlando Sentinel first review from space :

“From the life-size snoring Santa Claus in the lobby alcove to the twinkling ‘Merry Christmas’ signs here and there, Christmas is most definitely one of the main themes. look like candles and have colored liquids inside that bubble when you light them – which the restaurant takes its name from.

Each table is a glass-covered memory box, with harmonicas, toy cars, old cigarette packs and other things that catch your eye and make you say, “I remember that!” »

All of these ventures could leave a family quite wealthy, and it shows in the house of the late Scheids. The Mediterranean-style home along Winter Park’s coveted Genius Dr. features a gorgeous backyard pool surrounded by 4,500 square feet of well-appointed living space.

The list is represented by Kelly Maloney of Fanny Hillman and Associates. The sellers are asking for $2.5 million.

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