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after the last Holidays in Saint Ferminfirst complaint from Puncture for women in nightlife settings, Since then, there have been a multitude of cases in various Iberian provinces. For the moment, none of the complaints relate to violations of sexual freedom or crimes against property.

What are these punctures for? The investigation is opened and the police does not reject any hypothesisSince the motivation, intent or purpose of these punctures are unknown.

Many victims feel a sense of Dizziness, drowsiness and state of semi-consciousness, However, no toxins were detected in the blood. Mosos – the Catalan police – warns and refuses to talk about a new technique of chemical submission, because there have been no subsequent invasions and it is not known whether toxic substances have been vaccinated and if so, if What is it. Yet experts say it’s very difficult to detect Because they quickly disappear in the blood.

Although this phenomenon is new in Spain, countries like France or the United Kingdom have been suffering from this type of episode for months. Notably, the British police recorded more than 1,300 cases in a nightlife setting from September 2021 to January 2022. For its part, the French National Police Directorate (DGPN) reported that as of June 16, there were had over 1,000 punctures and a total of 800 people. decided to file a complaint. Next, the details of the cases reported in Spain.


The Mossos d’Esquadra have been received since July 10 21 puncture complaints in women in nightlife venues. The last two were detected on Monday. At the moment there are 12 minor cases in Lloret, 7 in Barcelona, ​​one in Girona and one in Salou. The 17-year-old said on Sunday morning she had been pierced at the Salo nightclub and was taken to hospital after feeling dizzy.

In no case was a recurrence committed. The Generalitat has updated its action protocol to deal with these cases. This document specifies that “it will be evaluated Activation of the HIV post-exposure prophylaxis protocol“and” establishes the need for a toxicological analysis.

Pays Basque

Ertzaintza investigates at least a dozen punctures For women registered in the last 15 days in festival places and holiday places. The Safety Department reported that the punctures occurred in the Biscayan municipalities of Bilbao, Santurtzi, Etxbury and Zirbana, Gipuzkoan Zaroutz and the lava capital. In addition, several women reported being punctured at the San Ignacio festival in Azpatia (Guipuzcoa) this weekend.

As in Catalonia, none of them were found inoculated with toxic substances. In all cases, the victim verbally states that they have noticed a puncture, primarily in the arm or leg, and then begins to notice symptoms.

In the event of a puncture victim, the Basque police recommend communicating it immediately to the nearest environment and requesting assistance so that they warn the security forces and activate the protocols. It is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible, where the relevant analysis will be carried out to detect possible substances.


The National Police of Gijon is investigating Complaint for stabbing a girl, 13, for a suspected case of chemical preparation. In this case, the presence of toxins in the girl’s body is detected, which tested positive. liquid ecstasyThe young woman noticed the puncture during a festival in the Monteville district when she was with a group of friends, but she was not far from her parents and went to their house as soon as she saw the puncture.


Several people needed health care this weekend due to a puncture during the celebration of the Reggaeton Beach Festival Santander. The Valdecilla Hospital carried out various tests to detect traces of toxins in the bodies of the victims. So far, all tests have come back negative.


The police are investigating drill three women Which would have been produced in a stand at the Fair of Lucena (Córdoba). At the same time, he also tries to explain what happened after seeing a mark on a hand of a young French woman in Malaga. The incident happened on July 8 when the woman left the nightclub with a young man she had met that same evening. The two went to the girl’s apartment and the next morning she felt dizzy and had a scar on one hand, as she herself explained to the national police.

Testimony of a victim: “Suddenly I saw a puncture”

“I was in a disco with my friends when suddenly I saw a puncture“says Miriam Alba, 20, for this newspaper. At first, neither he nor his friends attached importance to it. He was aware of the latest cases at entertainment venues in Catalonia and reacted quickly when he saw a mark on his leg. “We ran to the security guard to ask for help. If I wasn’t with my friends, I don’t know what would have happened to me. After ten minutes, he collapses.

The girl found a puncture mark on the night of July 27 at the Arena nightclub in Barcelona. Photo: Miriam Alba/La Vanguardia

Mary was unconscious, felt very dizzy and had blurred vision. He admits that it is “very difficult to explain”. Workers at the Arena nightclub in Barcelona immediately helped him and called Mossos and an ambulance. From then on, Mary was in a state of semi-consciousness for 2-3 hours and was accompanied by her “completely canceled will”.

His complaint is one of 20 that Mossos d’Esquadra and Guardia Urbana have received since last July 10, when they were first received. With the exception of one man, the victims are young girls, including a girl under the age of 17. Either way, he was found dead inside a nightclub. In only one case did a young woman grab the attacker before he could stab her with anything. To them are added two other complaints received by Guardia Urbana this weekend.

In both cases, the victims realized this and there was no sexual assault or subsequent robbery, although a patrol had to intervene with the health workers, who transferred them to the hospital. ‘hospital. “With the Urban Guard, we are reinforcing patrols and we know that the search is reinforced at the entrances to the complex,” Alfonso explained.

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