This hidden Ontario beach has turquoise blue waters that belong to the Mediterranean


There’s a hidden stretch of sandy shoreline in an Ontario provincial park where you can swim in turquoise blue waters that look like they belong in the Mediterranean.

This secret beach is in Darlington Provincial Park, just an hour’s drive from Toronto. This is an epic day trip in the summer. You can spend the afternoon splashing around in crystal blue Lake Ontario or bring your paddle board or canoe for a scenic paddle.

This pretty stretch of beach is a sandy shoreline with a few pebbles along the waters edge. You will face a vast blue lake that will invite you to paddle or swim all day. There are no lifeguards at this hidden spot, so it’s best to have a swimming buddy.

Not only are there picturesque blue waters to swim in, but the beach is also a great place to watch the sunset. From fiery orange displays to cotton candy pink skies, you’ll need your camera close at hand. The reflection of the clear sky as it bounces off the sparkling water is even more beautiful.

The provincial park also has four hiking trails if you want to get active before cooling off on the beach. The longest trail is the 2.6 kilometer Waterfront Trail, a section of a longer hike that follows the water from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Trenton, passing through Darlington.

If you want to extend your visit beyond a day trip, there are campsites in the park that can accommodate both tents and RVs. The camping season ends in October, but you can visit the park year-round.

Darlington Provincial Park

Price: $12.25 per vehicle

Address: 1600 Darlington Park Road, Bowmanville, Ontario

Why you need to go: You can experience a sandy shoreline that offers beautiful blue waters and magical sunsets.



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