Trulioo of Canada, a Global Provider of Digital and Corporate Identity Verification, Announces Partnerships with Wealth Managers



Trulioo, a global identity verification company, reveals that it has partnered with three wealth management firms to help them meet compliance requirements and help them verify their clients.

As mentioned in a statement shared with CI:

“With the world’s largest marketplace for data and identity services, Trulioo GlobalGateway orchestrates real-time identity checks that meet a wide range of compliance requirements, prevent fraud, and increase trust and security. line. “

Steve munford, CEO of Trulioo said that delivering “positive” digital experiences is key to building customer loyalty, especially when it comes to providing greater convenience and security. Management and brokerage firms depend on their identity verification technology and “insight” to “stay on top of changing regulations in today’s borderless digital economy,” added Munford .

The three wealth management companies to choose from Trulioo for their overall identity verification requirements to be included Mount Nico Corp, which focuses on providing brokerage services and is regulated by CySEC ‘; OBR investments, a cross-platform trading platform that offers insights and information on global markets; Atomic investment, a custom investment management-as-a-service API that enables companies to provide end users with a “disciplined” way to make investments with them

As stated in the release, Trulioo enables organizations “to take a risk-based approach to identity verification, enabling the client to choose a balanced integration of human judgment and automated technology into the due diligence process. client ”.

GlobalGateway helps organizations comply with KYC / AML guidelines in many different jurisdictions and enables them to “instantly verify over 5 billion customers in over 195 countries”.

As previously stated, Trulioo is among the leading international identity verification companies establishing online “trust” so that businesses and individual consumers can conduct transactions in a safe and secure manner.

Trulioo’s platform provides real-time verification of 5 billion consumers and 330 million business entities worldwide, “all through a single API integration”. Organizations rely on Trulioo’s identity verification solution, GlobalGateway, “to help them meet their business and compliance requirements and automate due diligence and fraud prevention workflows.”



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